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What is the Potential Netsuite Has For Your Business?


NetSuite cloud-based business data management software has been around for over two decades, just a bit longer than Salesforce’s offering for contact management. NetSuite has always had great potential for a business, but that potential is still growing as cloud computing resources continue to evolve, making it possible to do more and more with the software.

NetSuite can handle data categories including estimates, sales orders, and invoices. It also can help teams of employees to better align their efforts and change business workflows for the better.

Connecting NetSuite

Connecting NetSuite with Salesforce can be done through third-party integrations such as the Salesforce native app Breadwinner for NetSuite or an iPaas like Boomi. Syncing the two systems supports flexibility and efficiency for your operations. This is done in part by unlocking management of business finance, operations, and customer billing and interaction. By syncing NetSuite with Salesforce, businesses have – 

  • The ability to create sales orders, invoices, and estimates for an account, an opportunity, an order, or custom objects from Salesforce, which can be done easily by using their step-by-step Guided Wizard
  • The ability to align teams
  • Transform business workflows through automation
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency, achieved in part by unlocking management of business finance, operations, billing, and customer interactions

Inventory Management

On its own, NetSuite has purchase and inventory management capabilities, and an umbrella of other services for professional, education, support, and partner functions, as well as industry expertise.

NetSuite Purchase Management simplifies placing, managing, and expediting purchase orders. These functions, in turn, better support inventory management. This service automates approval of purchase orders, sign-offs, notifications, and updates. The benefits of carrying out these functions include greater control over costs, clearer communication, and automatic tracking of purchases.

NetSuite Inventory Management presents users with a single, real-time view of inventory across all their locations and sales channels. Being able to reduce inventory can free up cash resources while avoiding being out of stock. This NetSuite service helps users’ historical demand, sales forecasts, and seasonal considerations into decisions about inventory and stock of their products. With better management of inventory, a company is bound to be more profitable. This also supports smarter, cheaper fulfillment by lowering shipping and handling costs.While NetSuite does offer a lot of powerful capabilities on its own, users can get even more of an edge through integration with Salesforce by linking contact and client management with all of NetSuite’s various business management functions.

Although we are a WordPress based business, we use Salesforce for all our business needs. If you’re a small business like us, you’ll find Breadwinner’s NetSuite integration app is perfect for keeping everything in one place. If you’d like to find out more about WPBusiness, get in touch.